Boyz and Girlz du net by Mathieu Grac

Mathieu Grac

Here’s a great photographic series called “Boyz and Girlz du net” made by Mathieu Grac that plays with all the strange profile pictures that we can see in social networks today. A very ironic, but sadly true, point of view about the iconic representation in the contemporary society.

Mathieu Grac2
Mathieu Grac3
Mathieu Grac4
Mathieu Grac5
Mathieu Grac6
Mathieu Grac7
Mathieu Grac8
Mathieu Grac9
Mathieu Grac10
Mathieu Grac11
Mathieu Grac12
Mathieu Grac13
Mathieu Grac14
Mathieu Grac15
Mathieu Grac16

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