Celeb News » David Letterman Jokes About Jihadist Death Threats

Celeb News » David Letterman Jokes About Jihadist Death Threats 
David Letterman

He’s never been one to take life too seriously, so when David Letterman received death threats from an Al-Qaeda jihadist his knee-jerk reaction was to joke about it.

The “Late Show” host returned to the air last night and lobbed several quips about the man who threatened to cut out his tongue.

“We have a great audience night in and night out but honestly tonight you mean a lot to me. You people are more than an audience tonight, really. You’re more like a human shield,” he laughed.

Letterman added, "You're not going to believe what happened. A guy, a radical extremist, threatened to cut my tongue out. I wish I had a nickel for every time a guy has threatened that. I think the first time was during the [1995] Academy Awards."

Prior to the taping yesterday, Letterman said he was, "talking to the guy from CBS. We were going through the CBS life-insurance policy to see if I was covered for jihad."

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