Tokyo by Sato Shintaro

Sato Shintaro

Sato Shintaro born in 1969 in Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo College of Photography in 1992 and Waseda University School of Letters Arts and Sciences in 1995. Worked as a staff cameraman for Kyodo News for 7 years. Left Kyodo News in 2001. Present: Freelance photographer. Sato’s most recent work is his Tokyo Twilight Zone series, from which the above photo comes. This work was published as a monograph by Seigensha this past Summer. Two of Sato’s pieces are currently being exhibited at the Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas until January 4, 2009.

Sato Shintaro2
Sato Shintaro3
Sato Shintaro4
Sato Shintaro5
Sato Shintaro6
Sato Shintaro7
Sato Shintaro8
Sato Shintaro9
Sato Shintaro10
Sato Shintaro11
Sato Shintaro12
Sato Shintaro13
Sato Shintaro14
Sato Shintaro15

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