NY Rooftops by Charles de Vaivre

Charles de Vaivre

These amazing NY rooftop photographs are taken by French photographer Charles de Vaivre for an upcoming book on these dreamy secret gardens and terraces of the big apple. Charles de Vaivre was born in France in 1974. He divides his time between the United States, Switzerland and France. Born into a family of diplomats, he spent his first years abroad, in Africa and in the United States. Back in France, his grandfather, a film maker and movie producer arouses his curiosity for art and his taste for images. It was in fact his grandfather , who gave him his first camera when he was only 8 years old.

Later, when the question arose about the choice of further education, he opted for design, which he studied for 5 years in the renowned Strate College. These years of design study and more generally of artistic creation developed his graphic and conceptual capacities and strengthened his natural disposition for very high standards and perfection in his work. This versatility enables him to work in media that are both different and complementary; by turns he is a (graphic)designer, a set designer and a photographer.

Profoundly curious about everything, he is also a man of contrasts: in love with nature, as well as with the ultra-urbanism of big cities, passionate about architecture and the interplay of volumes, he draws them together, particularly in his photography.
Charles de Vaivre2
Charles de Vaivre3
Charles de Vaivre4
Charles de Vaivre5
Charles de Vaivre6
Charles de Vaivre7
Charles de Vaivre8
Charles de Vaivre9
Charles de Vaivre10
Charles de Vaivre11

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