The New York City Ballerina Project by Dane Shitagi

Dane Shitagi

Dane Shitagi is a New York City-based photographer. Originally from Honolulu, he followed his instincts here to live the photographic life. Taking inspiration from the sights & sounds of the City as well as the energy & diverse arts that thrive here, Dane has formed a unique and heartfelt body of work that is both beautiful and personal. Rather than molding his ideas to the studio setting, he has taken his creativity and inspiration from the world outside - preferring the rawness and atmosphere that only a living city can bring.

Dane Shitagi2
Dane Shitagi3
Dane Shitagi4
Dane Shitagi5
Dane Shitagi6
Dane Shitagi7
Dane Shitagi8
Dane Shitagi9
Dane Shitagi10
Dane Shitagi11
Dane Shitagi12
Dane Shitagi13
Dane Shitagi14
Dane Shitagi15

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